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Don your Apron Roll Up Your Sleeves and Get Stuck Into Some Creative Cookery





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Recent Testimonial

Supporting Gloucester Rd

Dear Giles

I am writing to thank you, Pat and Bill for putting on a first class course on Saturday. I wasn’t sure what to expect but found it was absolutely perfect for my skill level.

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A Great Day Out For Corporate Trips and Team Building Exercises

Gloucester Road is located in North Bristol and runs through St.Andrews, Bishopston and Horfield. The road itself plays host to the largest number of independent traders based on any one road in the UK.......

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102 Cookery School is run by Nailsea Electrical, the biggest independent retailer of electrical appliances in the Bath and Bristol area. Our cookery school offers many great things to do in Bristol and Bath for team building exercises, giving you and your employees a great day out to bond and understand each other. We run a range of classes and activities in a fun and relaxing atmosphere, including both proactive activities as well as learning experiences that are much more laid back and informative.


Learn from the finest professionals in the business


Our Michelin Star chefs can give you an in-depth insight into the cooking industry, and teach you expert techniques and methods from their decades of experience at the very top. Corporate days can be more exciting and engaging by booking a class with our 102 Cookery School, and cooking is something that is guaranteed to appeal to all persons.


We offer a spectrum of classes to suit your needs


Our classes range in difficulty, so you can choose a more relaxing proactive experience or one that will test your employees to their limits. Enjoying a team building session like our cookery classes offer can help you to forge a strong relationship between you and your employees, something that will allow you to work together more productively in your daily business. If our services are something that you may be interested in, please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about what we have on offer for you.